• Gábor Palotai

    Gábor Palotai is an awarded graphic designer and visual artist working across genres in the field of visual communication. Gábor Palotai’s experimental and striking graphic design, where design and art merge, characterizes his work. His interdisciplinary design and art has the capability to be adjusted to and realized in different media and materials. Gábor Palotai’s long-standing experimental design and graphic art project on patterns makes the heart of Wo_Patt.

    Gábor Palotai took his Master of Arts in graphic design at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest. In 1981 he moved to Stockholm where he continued his studies at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Beckmans College of Design. Since four decades Gábor Palotai’s design studio works on a broad range of design commissions in the field of visual communication, such as corporate design, identity design, logotypes, signage, packaging, illustrations, poster art, photography, exhibition design, album covers, typography, print and book design, animations, web design, and special art projects.

    His graphic design commissions and art projects are intermixed and displayed in different ways throughout his artist’s books: Maximizing the Audience (2000), AM MU NA HI (2001), 111 Posters (2007) and Odysseus – A graphic Design Novel (2007). Three of Gabor Palotai's pattern collections for Wo_Patt originates from his illustrated books Odysseus (2007) ZOO (2017) and COSMOS (2019) whose illustrations were given the Red Dot Design Award. During the years Gábor Palotai has received many awards for his graphic design, among them many Red Dot Design Awards, several German Design Awards, the Swedish Golden Egg Design Award, and in 2019 he received Swedish Design Prize: Designer of the Year. Gábor Palotai frequently exhibits his design and art, at solo exhibitions and group shows. He is a member of AGI (Alliance Graphique Internationale) and an honorary professor at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design.



    These illustrations display Gábor Palotai’s distinct graphic vision of outer space and turn planets, galaxies, moons and stars into an abstract art. The intricate graphic visions invite to contemplation and extend outer space into your inner life. The patterns create a graphic rhythm that seem to make the circles swell, shrink, and spin. The optical illusions that take place open up for imagination: You are your own cosmos, and you can wear it. Go to COSMOS collection

  • ZOO

    With ZOO, Gábor Palotai displays a different take on the depictions of animals as figurative illustrations; by now every animal (one of them is you) is portrayed as an abstract art; sharply outlined in contrast with a mesmerizing pattern in black and white. The animals looks bound to the architectural outer shape of their image, but their bodies are tattooed in undecipherable graphic patterns, suggesting that each of them is free from within to multiply and literally take on any figurative meaning. And so are you, once you animalize yourself. Go to ZOO collection


    Gábor Palotai’s pixel patterns are inspired by the philosopher Vilém Flusser’s predicament that “the swarm of pixels is indescribable”. The swarm of pixels in this collection pays tribute to the pixel, the smallest part of a digital picture, by enlarging it, reshaping it, multiplying it and recreating it into both clear and complex patterns. Paying tribute to the pixel, you are able to embody the digital on-screen as your own off-screen textile poster. Go to PIXEL collection

  • LOGO

    Experimentation is at heart in these versions of the Wo_Patt logo by Gábor Palotai. The letters in Wo_Patt are here deconstructed and treated as if they were musical notes (one never know, they might become). Two opposite expressions merge throughout this collection: the sharp focus on the “musical notes” and the random play of contrasts. We believe in the multitude of expressions, which the different versions of the logotype offers. Choose the statement you want to make in the world of patterns. Go to LOGO collection